Clear BIG ‘N’ BUSHY Brow Kit


Say goodbye to disobedient, fragile, stressed & brittle eyebrows with our BIG ‘N’ BUSHY Brow Kit. As you know Well-defined brows can make or break your face so just a swipe of our tinted brow gel keeps your hairs in place and groomed ready for a big day ahead.



Big n Bushy
Making thin brows a thing of the past
Our BIG n BUSHY brow kit is bang on trend !
Giving you big natural looking Bushy brows ! Making your brow game strong !! Don’t get left behind.

The kit includes

  • Brush up brow gel and wand
  • Angled brush

Brow Gel

This incredibly pigmented gel comes in 3 shades

  • Clear
  • Light
  • Medium (slight warm undertone)
  • Dark (cool undertone)

And comes in a mascara style tube to help you easily brush up set and style the brows

Angled brush

This light weight brush is small and dense making it easy to create small natural hair strokes in the gaps.

The key to this natural look is to only fill the gaps with strokes then there is no chance of over working the brows making them look fake .

Simple steps for your big n bushy

Step one: using the angled brush make light hair strokes in any gaps
Step two: wipe excess product off wand and brush up your brows ♥️


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